We grow most of our own forage, such as grass silage, which we process and bale ourselves. With a relatively large cattle herd, we’re able to use our own manure, subsidized with fertilizers, to enrich the soil.

We usually keep between 120 and 150 head of cattle, as well as turkeys, chickens and more. What we don’t raise on our farm we source from local farms in Southeastern New Brunswick.

Benefits of buying local

One of the best ways to support your community and to know where your food comes from, and how’s it’s processed and handled is to buy it from local farmers.

  • Benefits local economy
  • Can reduce carbon footprint (no transport and offsite packaging facilities)
  • Keeps money and profits in the community
  • Safe quality control (instead of processing 10,000 cows a day we just do 10 because quality is done properly)
  • Know where your food is from, and how it was raised.
  • Can meet the people that raised and grew the food.
  • Many people think it just tastes better.