All of the retail products sold at our store in Memramcook and at the Dieppe Farmers market are raised on our own farm, or by local New Brunswick farmers.

We butcher all of our meat on location to ensure the ultimate in quality!


Our Beef products come our farm, and others around the Memeramcook and Sackville areas. All the beef we sell is raised without the use of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.

Filet mignon AAA: $26.50/lb
Filet mignon A: $14.99/lb
Filet wrapped bacon: $28.50/lb
Rib eye AAA: $19.99/lb
Rib eye A: $7.99/lb
Strip loin: $16.25/lb
T-Bone: $13.99/lb
Rib steak: $17.99/lb
Tomahawk steak: $17.99/lb
Sirloin: $11.59/lb
Fast fry steak: $10.99/lb
Flank steak: $5.99/lb
Bar-B-Q ribs: $4.29/lb
Prime rib: $17.99/lb
Sirloin tip: $9.99/lb
Inside: $9.99/lb
Cross rib: $5.99/lb
Chuck: $5.99/lb
Blade: $5.99/lb
Stew Meat: $9.50/lb
Oxtail: $4.75/lb
Short Rib: $4.39/lb
Shank: $3.45/lb
Liver: $2.75/lb
Tongue: $7.00/each
Heart: $7.00/each
Lean: $6.00/lb
Extra lean: $6.50/lb
5 pounds bag lean: $27.50/each
1⁄4 lbs Patties: $7.00/lb
100 Patties or more: $1.50/each

Most of our pork comes from a farm in Riverview, and the rest from local farms here in Memeramcook.

Tender loin: $7.59/lb
Boneless Chops Thick: $5.59/lb
Boneless Chops Thin: $5.99/lb
Chops Thick: $3.89/lb
Chops Thin: $4.49/lb
Shoulder Bone in Roast: $3.99/lb
Side Ribs: $3.39/lb
Back Ribs: $6.39/lb
Ground Pork: $3.95/lb
Back Bacon: $7.59/lb
Bacon: $6.99/lb
Pork belly: $4.59/lb
Homemade Sausage: $5.99/lb
Smoked Ham Sliced: $4.50/lb
Pork hoocks: $3.09/lb

Our chickens are raised by local southeastern NB farmers. They come to us live, and are butchered on site.

Boneless Breast: $8.29/lb
Breast: $4.09/lb
Drumstick: $3.85/lb
Leg: $3.49/lb
Thigh: $3.69/lb
Boneless thighs: $7.99/lb
Wings: $3.99/lb
Whole: $3.55/lb

Our fresh Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter turkeys are raised right here on our farm

Ground Turkey: $6.50/lb
Whole: $3.55/lb

Our lambs come from a local farm in Sackville.

Whole or Side of Lamb (Average 45 lbs per Lamb): $8.50/lb
Lamb Leg Chop: $13.99/lb
Lamb Shanks: $10.99/lb
Leg of Lamb Roast: $12.99/lb
Rack of Lamb Chops: $26.99/lb
Ground Lamb: $10.99/lb
Lamb Loin Chops: $26.99/lb
Lamb Liver: $5.50/lb
Lamb Organs: $5.50/lb
Lamb Ribs Full Rack: $7.19/lb
Lamb Shoulder Chop: $11.89/lb
Leg of Lamb Whole: $12.99/lb
Lamb Shoulder Roast: $10.99/lb
Lamb Shoulder Whole: $9.99/lb
Halal Products

We can also offer a selection of Halal products (beef, chicken, and lamb) that are butchered fresh by a local Muslim butcher.


Depending on the season, we can also get rabbits, and we offer pork sausages, head cheese and blood pudding.

We have eggs from our farm, free range grain fed.

We also have dog treats.

Custom Cuts

Side of Beef $3.75/lb
Front of Beef $3.65/lb
Hind of Beef $4.25/lb
and more.

Contact us to order your custom cut.


Have an independent grocery store, restaurant or situation where you need a meat order delivered? We support local grocery stores all over South Eastern NB and have a refrigerated box truck available to deliver your customer orders.